Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

White Infinity Cove

Don’t pay London Prices – White infinity cove TV Studio Berkshire Hampshire border in the M3 M4 corridor

We have a large infinity cove capable of easily shooting full length wide shots on white infinity.  – Painted brilliant white, and our imported Green Screen from the USA allows us to go from white to green instantly.

Our overhead lighting grid supports Kinoflo flatheads for soft fill and tungsten fixtures for hair and accent lighting.


The overhead grid is made up of kinofo flathead 80 and 85 panels for soft controllable lighting.  There is 500sq feet of shooting space which is enough space to get quite a few people and props into the shot.

It’s 3.5m high at the highest point but do remember that there are lighting fixtures that drop from the grid.  Unless you want to lie on the floor and point your camera up at the lights there is masses of space on the white for even the tallest of people.

The studio is lit at 3200k tungsten.

There is aircon at the rear of the studio.