Covid-19 Information

The studio is open during the latest National Lockdown (Jan 4th) 2021

We have diligently checked the National Guidelines and you may travel to the studio for work as you cannot complete this work from home (Unless you have a TV studio at home!).  Additionally the latest guidance specifically allows professional filming in tier 4 and also the latest National Lockdown guidance.

Please ensure you follow the guidelines:

We have already had bookings placed in the studio and want to assure you we have taken government guidelines about our facilities. We have done everything practical and more to ensure that we are a low risk environment. In the new national lockdown professional filming is permitted.  But you MUST limit to a minimum the number of people on the shoot. People are not permitted to come and just watch. If they want to watch and input to the shoot we can provide a zoom link connected to your primary camera so they can see and hear the actual takes, we have been doing a lot of remote directing.

Firstly if you have a temperature or a new continuous cough then you must not visit the studio. Or if anyone in your household has this you must not visit the studio. If in doubt take a free lateral flow test before you come. 

We have made changes as follows to the working space.

  1. Our breakfast is limited to croissants and fruit. External catering is also available but is delivered in personal picnic style boxes. One person only at a time in the kitchen and the cups need to go back into the dishwasher ie we will not touch them from the dishwasher as they will be sterile.
  2. The studio is large enough to allow social distancing in the meeting area and the studio so there is space for you to sit apart and maintain space when working. We have removed chairs where necessary. You MUST wear a face covering inside the studio.
  3. We have removed towels from the washroom, now they are just paper disposables. Again not environmentally friendly however more sterile.
  4. We limit the number of people in the studio to the bare minimum to allow the shoot – There is lots of space to allow you to be more than 2m apart where possible.  So can you have a shoot with 20 people? – no sorry – But a presenter to camera with a small crew – yes. If in doubt please call us.
  5. You are NOT permitted to bring people to the studio simply to watch.
  6. Everywhere is cleaned before you go in.
  7. There are hand sanitisers in the studio and washing facilities as normal.
  8. You can leave the doors open if you don’t care about sound – Front and Rear – And our aircon will also remove any particles.
  9. We encourage everyone to arrive in their own vehicles (we have lots of free parking) and we have suspended our station pick up service.
  10. We limit the time we are in the studio with you.
  11. We have gone back to bottled water (We removed it for environmental reasons) but have put it back short term so that you only touch your own water bottles (if that makes sense) Please write your name on them with a sharpie.
  12. We encourage talent to do their own make-up.  We cannot provide a make up artist
  13. Please dispose of all rubbish in the bins yourself. ie People should handle their own cups, water bottles etc.
  14. Everyone coming to the studio must complete the online form below so that we have your contact details. OR – One person in your party must maintain a log that we can have access to if needed.  Logs must be maintained and accurate. If you will not provide your information you will politely be asked to leave.

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