Included in your dry hire of the studio already is access to the lighting grid.  You can also access our WiFi (not including streaming), our jumbo boom and Sennheiser with microphone.  You can also send your camera feed to our in house monitors via SDI or HDMI which hand in the studio on pantographs and also in the meeting area.

We also have C Stands and Light stands that you are free to use along with power extension cables.

Please note the white infinity cove is painted matt white each week however it may have track marks from earlier shoots. If you are needing to shoot down to the ground level then we can repaint the studio floor prior to your shoot for a charge of £60 plus VAT.

If you wish to have the studio painted other colours (i.e. completely chroma green) then please contact us for prices.

We have other equipment that you can hire from us (Please note that expensive items ie cameras are not kept in the studio space during the shoot or overnight and are available on request)

  • Autocue £300 per day (dry hire)
  • Autocue operator £250 per day
  • Atomos Inferno 10bit recorder (HDMI or HDSDI) inc SSD Drive – (£70 per day)
  • Audio Mixer £25 (6 or 12 channel)
  • Vision mixer operator £250 per day
  • Sennheiser (or Sony)  Radio Pack £35 per day
  • Portajib (£30 per day)  – Max weight 100lbs
  • Track and dolly (£20 per day)
  • Smoke Generator (£25 per day – fluid charged in addition)
  • Green painted treadmill (£150 per day)
  • Turntable (can be green or white) 60cm in size max weight 150KG – 10 speeds FWD and REV (£65 per day)
  • Sony EX3 including cards (£150 per day)
  • Sony FS5 including cards (£150 per day)

Prices do not include VAT. Account customers may pay on invoices, non account customers must clear payment at time of booking and additional items on the day via credit card / debit card.

As much tea, coffee and soft drinks as any normal person can manage (If more that 6 people are on site we charge of £2.99 per additional person to cover drinks costs).

Our fridge has bottled water, and if it’s hot weather sometimes ice creams.

Catering  – Please see the catering section.

For Streaming and vision mixing
  • Streaming – Internet connection £120 per day (CAT6) load balances
  • Teradek Vidiu Pro (Hardware streaming encoder) £65 per day
  • iMAC – MiMo live – (Imac with Mimo live for graphics layers onto stream) £89 per day
  • ultraStudio 4K – 2SDI channels into ATEM vision mixer for alpha and graphics
  • ATEM Production Studio 4K  £250 per day
  • Hyperdrive  includes 250GB SSD £70 per day
green screen