Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

How Did You Get So Weak? – Marisa And The Moths

Clearway MedIAia

Thank you to Dave Fowler, Kate White, Gavin Beresford, Rob Blackham, Michael Pitts, Paul Glover and all of the incredible fans who have helped to make this music video a reality with your support.

CAST: Alex McWilliam – Doctor / Patient https://www.alexander-mcwilliam.co.uk
Marisa Rodriguez – Patient / Doctor Liam Barnes – Assistant Doctor Drums performed by Paul Glover (in the video only)
Costume design and alterations made by Kate White Atlier
Video production by Matty Daley, Clearway Media, UK
Guitar solo written and performed by Sophie Lloyd.
Audio production, mix and master by Jason Wilson, Stakeout Studios, London, UK