If you book a full day with us we provide the crew a breakfast free of charge.  This is normally either croissants or sausage baps at our discretion. We count the crew as up to 6 members that are directly involved in the making of the content ie camera, sound, lighting, makeup, director, runner. Crew is not clients and talent.  Additional people in your crew (over 6) or talent and clients are charged at £3.75 for breakfast as a catering charge. This will be added to a daily invoice for payment at the end of the day by card.


You may use as much tea and coffee as you like. It is provided freely. The fridge is stocked with soft drinks and water. Again we provide this for the crew and not clients and talent. If you have more that 6 people in the studio then we make a drinks catering charge of £2.99 per person per day to cover the costs of soft drinks and water. It is not our intention to make money from catering or drinks. We aim to keep the studio hire price as low as possible and therefore make a sensible compromise on what we consider reasonable free drinks soft drinks and water.

You may only consume alcohol on the premises with our permission and we normally ask for a sample to test the quality.

Frankly we are better at making films than food. So we have selected an outstanding local catering company to provide lunches for you.  We selected them because their food is fantastic and as we are not a catering company we have no desire to make additional money from food.  They are called Suzi and Jane catering. 

You can contact them on this link
– Mention Fleetwood Film Studios when placing your order directly with them.