Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

Green Screen


If you are looking for an affordable, and convenient studio to shoot your green screen project – we may be just what you are after.  Our green infinity screen cove is 17 feet wide by over 20 feet deep, has a full studio lighting grid (around 3.5m high) – and is lit specifically for green screen shooting with Aputure panel fixtures.

  • Studio prelit for green screen or white infinity
  • Full length bodyshots
  • Green screen treadmill available for hire

Most of the time the studio is in white infinity cove with a mechanical green screen infinity background (5m x 8m x 3.5m) specially imported from the USA and used by the likes of Disney and Warner. It’s not a cloth as such but a material specifically designed for green screen so it allows us to move between white and green easily for the perfect key. So if you want to shoot white infinity, green screen or blackout all in one day then thats easy to do.  It’s full length from the rear drop covering the studio floor also.

The cove can be painted with Chroma 5711 paint on request but we normally keep it white for white infinity.  Most of the time we can easily handle multicamera shoots on green screen using just our standard studio setup, but we can turn it into two walls and a floor easily and a green “box” if required.  We have shot hundreds of hours on green screen, and our advice is to use as little green as possible – So for example if you are only shooting a mid shot on green then we will keep the floor white or negative black. 

One item we use a lot on green screen is our green treadmill, which will save you having to hire an enormous green screen studio and still have people walking or running.

We also have a green screen turntable too!