Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

Our studio has been updated to the latest LED fixtures from Aputure.  We wanted to provide fast, efficient state of the art studio lighting with a low carbon footprint and thanks to an award grant from West Berkshire Council, that’s now possible. 

The studio is pre-lit with configurations loaded onto an iPad that allows you to quickly set up different lighting setups. Going from Tungsten 3200K to Daylight 5600K or any colour you want on the walls by a simple press of a button.  You can also easily save the configurations and switch back to them at any time. 

Our lighting now also dramatically reduces our carbon footprint as we reduce our energy use to become a carbon-neutral studio.


Overhead Grid and Floor Lights

All controlled with Sidus Link

Preset lighting configurations for fast setups

Low Power use

Grid – Soft panels are RGBWW – Any colour you want

Fixtures (LS60X)- 15-45° spot-flood beam angle (expanded bi-colour)