Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

Streaming & Vision Mixing

WiFi internet is provided as a complimentary service and is Free of charge however our complimentary WiFi may not be used for streaming.

You may wish to use our studio for streaming services. You can connect your streaming equipment into a dedicated un-contended ethernet connection. If you don’t already have it, we also have equipment on site to allow you to stream along with vision mix capabilities for multiple cameras and live keying and graphics. Using our studio you can produce a multi camera programme streamed in HD and recorded at the same time

Unlike most venues we have a primary and secondary internet service with failover via a load balanced router.    



Our primary internet is 40mbs up and 40mbs down.

Our secondary internet is 20mbs up and 20mbs down.

The latency is low (ping of around 20ms for primary)

For info full HD (1920×1080) requires a 5mbs link

These are connected to a load balancing router.  (In the event of a primary internet failure the router will switch to the backup) This takes approximately 30 seconds.

We provide internet access for free and we are not an ISP so we cannot guarantee the connection.   We have never had no internet access although if you need to guarantee an internet stream you should ensure that you have a backup service in addition to the one we provide.  Ie a LiveU unit – These can be rented from LiveU and will provided a bonded internet stream.


Connect your own equipment to our internet for streaming…. or you can choose to hire any of the following items:

  • ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K (up to 8 inputs)
  • ATEM Hyperdeck
  • iMAC with Mimo for live graphics ie lower thirds
  • Teradek Vidu Pro – For hardware streaming and recording – Very useful as can be connected directly to camera or vision mixer