Virtual Presentations

green overlay

Business still needs to keep going ! Managers and Execs still need to communicate to their teams.. Were you planning a conference – or a meeting that physically cannot happen now and the reality of everyone sitting on Zoom is well… let’s be honest.. a bit dull?  Since August we have had a huge demand for shooting green screen presentations.

Do you have a remote team that needs to see whats going on in the studio and what the shots are .. ? We can do that too.

If you want to hire our studio here are some of the things that we can do with the kit we have here.  You can pick and mix how much of this you need.

  1. Pre-lit green screen allowing full body shots with overhead grid for hair and keys and fill
  2. 90 degree angle to allow you to turn your camera into portrait mode
  3. Full Autocue system for the presenter if required
  4. Presentation screen close to camera eyeline with clicker to allow your presenter to present to the camera as if they are really there and advance the slides themselves
  5. Ability to record the presentation in sync with the camera footage – So when you edit yourself or send off to remote edit it’s obvious what slides should be on screen to match the camera recording.
  6. Ability to connect the filming camera(s) to Zoom so that the remote team can view the camera shot
  7. Livekey if you require it – So you can see approximately the key effect of your shot once keyed
  8. Camera hire if you need it.

And we have lots of other kit and technical support so that you can get to your event virtually.

Just give us a call on 0118 933 3797 for more info on what package it is you are after.