Butlers Lands Farm, Mortimer

White Infinity – In Magenta

Nice Magenta – White doesn’t have to be white. And just to prove it here is a nice studio interview using the white infinity cove.  Our new lighting panels allow us to change the studio lighting to any colour on the spectrum.  So whilst its lovely to shoot white, on an infinity white studio you can make a change without needing to result to a paintbrush.

To see our lighting layout click here

And for more details of Aputure fixtures you can visit their site.

We have a pre-lit studio capable of shooting any colour on the spectrum.  There is 500sq feet of shooting space which is enough space to get quite a few people and props into the shot.

It’s 3.5m high at the highest point but do remember that there are lighting fixtures that drop from the grid.  Unless you want to lie on the floor and point your camera up at the lights, there is masses of space on the white for even the tallest of people.

There is aircon at the rear of the studio and also in the client meeting area.